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  • Istanbul. Large, comfortable apartments from $60 000  IN TURKEY FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY

    • We accompany you through the process from meeting at the airport until you get your keys.
    • Full legal support.
    • More than 23,000 objects in the database.
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    *Conditions apply to those customers who bought an apartment after inspection of all options.

    Prices and photos of the best deals

    Istanbul on a different budget

    • Minimal Group Complex
      Pricestarting at $60 000form 50 m²
      0%Interest-free instalment plan
      Modern residential complex near the main thoroughfare of Istanbul
      Facilities at your disposal
      • • 3 indoor pool
      • • 3 open pool
      • • Sauna
      • • Hammam
      • • 3 sports saloon
      • • Billiards
      • • SPA
    • Komfort Group Complex
      Pricestarting at $81 250from 65 m²
      0%Interest-free instalment plan
      The residential complex with unique architecture located in Zeytinburnu - the area adjacent to the historical part of Istanbul.
      Facilities at your disposal
      • • Indoor pool
      • • Gym
      • • Sauna
      • • Hammam
      • • SPA
      • • Beauty Salons
    • Elite Group Complex
      Pricestarting at 206 000 $from 78 m²
      0%Interest-free instalment plan
      Private elite town on the shores of the Sea of Marmara.
      Facilities at your disposal
      • • Tailor-made interior of apartments
      • • 24-hour security
      • • Access to the sea
      • • Fitness centers
      • • Pools
      • • Office rooms
    We will find a suitable accommodation for you - there are more than 23,000 objects in our catalog.Request a catalog of my price range >

    Reasonable buyers understand,
    that we will provide them with a safe purchase
    in a foreign country and save up to 25%
    from the cost of the apartment.

    • Safe and secure
      Only reliable objects
      From developers with an impeccable reputation.
    • Save up to 25%
      We will help you avoid overpayments that developers often require from inexperienced foreigners.
    • Our experience is your guarantee.
      More than 300 completed transactions in 4 years.
    • Guaranteed transparency of the transaction
      The work experience of our lawyer is more than 14 years.
    • Individual offers
      We agree on the maximum discount for the object you like.
    • Hot offers
      Prices for some objects are cheaper than the ones from developers.

    Why is buying an apartment in Istanbul a really profitable investment?

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      The atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and safe, following your life principles. More than 2994 mosques operate in Istanbul, making it the capital of the Islamic world. Hijab is the norm for Turkey, so here you will not encounter any prohibitions to observe religious norms. You can live in harmony with your soul and in accordance with the precepts of your religion.

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      The opportunity to raise your children within the framework of Islamic values. Madrasas and separate schools. A large variety of courses. And most importantly - highly qualified teachers. Teaching in Turkey is one of the most highly paid and prestigious professions, which provides high-quality education from the nursery to the university. Add to this the opportunity to study in universities for free in case of successfully passing the exams. As a result, Turkey is probably the best place to develop the potential of your children!
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      Turkey is a country with one of the largest economies. . For the past 7 years, it has shown a steady growth. The country is on the 13th place in the world in terms of GDP. The export often occupies a leading position in the markets of Europe. Recovering after crises, the Turkish economy is always rising steadily gaining momentum, reaching new heights. This suggests that your investment in real estate will not only pay off, but also bring a profit!

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    Rate the profitability of apartment resale

    +110%  for 6 years
    According to statistics from Real East Agency, real estate prices have increased by more than 100% compared with 2013. In 2017 there was a drop, but by 2018 prices began to rise again. And we expect a new growth in 2019.
    The rate for July 2018:1 lira = 13 ₽1 lira = 0.22 $Click for up-to-date exchange ratehere

    Here are the steps to buy an apartment

    • 01CONTACT
      Get to know us and tell us about your preferences. We will choose from a variety of projects that will best suit you.
    • SELECTION OF OPTIONSWe will send you options for prior review.02
    • 03VISIT ORGANIZATION Meeting at the airport, accommodation in a hotel, sightseeing tour, display of objects.
    • PURCHASE DECISIONBargaining with the seller, checking the object, opening a bank account, preparing the necessary documents.04
    • 05APARTMENT DESIGNRegistration of ownership, settlement with the seller.
    • POST-SALE SERVICEAssistance in obtaining a residence permit, the connection of utilities, assistance in the selection of furniture, enrolling children to school.06

    Check out the reviews of our customers

    More than 300 buyers have witnessed our professionalism

    My relocation to a new country went well
    Greetings, everyone! I moved to Turkey, to Istanbul with my wife in October 2014.
    It is extremely important for those who leave the Russian Federation - modern Turkey, Istanbul - these are high (actually European) standards of living, consumption, reasonable prices (often lower than Russian), a warm climate and good people (the Turkish nation does not have problems with alcohol, drug addiction and Soviet phobias - all those with which the society in today's Russia is satiated).
    As they say “hand to God,” my entire successful move was carried out exclusively with the help of Real East and Zamir Kuliyev personally and his employees.
    With their help, I was not only able to buy an excellent apartment in a good new complex at a reasonable price for me (choosing from a variety of options that offered me in Real East, by the way, in St. Petersburg or Moscow for this money you could buy only a full and old cot out of the way), but with their help it’s really possible to get comfortable - thanks to the advice, assistance with a visa, documents, connecting utilities, meeting people, etc. - All this is really very important, especially in the early stages. And, of course, such help saved my wife and I a bunch of nerves. - Looking back, you realize that without this help it would be unbearable.
    We are sincerely grateful to the company Zamira Real East and its employees. Thanks to them, we felt really professionalism and help in a new place for us.
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    I recommend it. Everything was done properly and professionally.
    I was very careful while choosing an agency, sicne itI wasn't just buying a home, I was planning an investment project. Consulting several agencies simultaneously, I finally decided to go with Real East. At each stage of the purchase, the guys did their job in collaboration and harmony, and as a result efficiently.
    I'd like to say thanks to Anar for the introductory tour, which was very informative and professional. He supported me troughtout the process from the beginning to the end, made choices just like for himself, saving my time and money. There were only two or three days in Istanbul to make a final decision. All the burden of the transaction and all financial issues fell on his shoulders. Nowadays it is very difficult to find such people who can safely be trusted with large sums of money, processing important transactions and documents.
    The head of the business has built an excellent team of professionals. Those who are familiar with Istanbul know about the number hustlers ready to empty your pocket. Therefore, it is very crucial that Real East's priority is their honesty, reliability and professionalism. Working in the field of sales for more than 13 years, I deservedly appreciated the principles of the company, and our seller-buyer relationship turned into a partnership and now interesting joint projects are under development.
    For those who have not yet decided and are in search, I sincerely recommend getting in touch with this company.
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    Thank you Real East!
    I'm grateful to the friendly team and to the head of the company “REAL EAST” Zamir Kuliev for the excellent work and client-oreintedness. I'd like to point out the competence and professionalism of each employee of the company. I wish you success and great heights in the international real estate market.
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    I was very pleased to choose this agency
    We bought an apartment in Istanbul, in Esenyurt district, near Beylikduzu, with the help of Real East. The staff of the company are experts, they are all polite and sociable people. There is a rich variety of apartments available throughout Istanbul.
    Havign sufficient funding, you can choose any area by just pointing at the map,They will take you there, show it you, tell you everything, and the most important thing is they will negotiate with the seller to get the best deal possible. My family is very happy with everything. We highly recommend Real Estate Agency.
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      Aleksandr Shakhin
      1+2 apartment owner in Istanbul.
      Aleksandr Marakhovskyi
      4+2 apartment owner in Istanbul.
      Mikhail Lebedev
      2+1 apartment owner in Istanbul.
      Rimma Zaripova,
      2+1 apartment owner in Istanbul.